Restore Your Asphalt With Tar & Chip Services In Northwestern Illinois

Are you looking for an affordable yet reliable way to restore your deteriorating pavement? Berchtold Asphalt has the solution for you: tar & chip paving! Whether you’re trying to maintain a small lot or extend the lifespan of a commercial roadway, tar & chip paving can meet and exceed your pavement restoration needs in the Quad Cities, Geneseo, Kewanee, Sterling, Princeton, LaSalle-Peru, and any surrounding community.

Berchtold Asphalt has been a leader in asphalt paving and tar & chip (chip & seal) for years. Our highly-trained contractors and advanced asphalt equipment help us provide quick and accurate service, no matter the size of your paving project. Rest assured, when you choose Berchtold to restore your asphalt, you’ll receive a final product that’s durable, long-lasting and meets all road and paving standards. Call today!

What Is Tar & Chip Paving?

Tar & Chip Paving

Also called chip & seal paving, tar & chip differs from standard asphalt paving. Tar & chip paving can create new lots and roadways or help restore and reinforce existing pavement. Berchtold Asphalt’s tar & chip paving process entails:

  1. Initial Prep – Clean existing pavement or prepare gravel base for new construction.
  2. Applying Binder – A thin base of hot tar is applied to the surface/base, enabling aggregate to adhere to the pavement.
  3. Spreading Aggregate (Chips) – Aggregate chips are uniformly spread over the hot tar.
  4. Embedding Aggregate – Heavy rollers press aggregate chips into the tar, helping bind them together.
  5. Curing – After pressing chips in, time is allowed for the tar & chip surface to set.

Residential Service

As mentioned, tar & chip paving is more cost-effective than other paving options, which can prove especially beneficial for homeowners on a budget. Not to mention, chip seal surfaces are resistant to moisture and chemicals, ensuring their longevity and meaning less required maintenance. Thanks to the Berchtold Asphalt team, we can implement tar & seal paving quickly and efficiently, repaving any residential surface within hours. The final result is a fresh surface that helps bind and reinforce the pavement underneath. Our team has performed chip & seal paving for a variety of projects, including:

  • Driveways
  • Private Roads
  • Parking Areas
  • Patios and Walkways
  • Grain Elevators


Commercial Service

Businesses and commercial properties also utilize chip & seal services to restore asphalt surfaces before they deteriorate to the point of no return. Our contractors possess equipment designed to simplify the tar & chip process for asphalt surfaces of all sizes. From busy intersections to quiet backroads, chip-seal services allow for quick asphalt restoration without disrupting traffic and business flow for a long time. Plus, a chip seal surface makes for a safer roadway for drivers and pedestrians alike. These are some of the tar & seal projects our company assists with:

  • Parking Lots
  • Roads and Highways
  • Drive-Thru’s and Business Driveways
  • Industrial Lots
  • Service Roads
  • Grain Elevators

What Are The Benefits Of Tar & Chip Paving?

Tar & chip paving has grown in popularity, quickly becoming a preferred option for businesses and homeowners looking for affordable, effective pavement resurfacing. With chip & seal’s exceptional benefits, it’s not hard to see why people prefer it:

  • Cost-Effective – Using recycled materials and less labor, tar & chip paving is less expensive than traditional paving.
  • Enhanced Traction – The aggregate chip surface helps vehicles maintain grip and traction under slippery road conditions.
  • Reduced Road Glare – The aggregate chip surface is less reflective than other pavements, helping reduce glare and eye strain for drivers.
  • Highly Durable – Tar & chip paving stands up well to extreme temperatures and heavy traffic, making roadways less prone to cracking.
Tar & Chip Paving

Find The Tar & Chip Services You Need Most

When it comes to an effective pavement resurfacing and restoration solution, homeowners and businesses turn to Berchtold Asphalt for tar & chip paving in Northwestern Illinois. Our years of experience and dedication to our craft ensure you’re left with exceptionally durable, uniform pavement surfaces. To learn more about our chip seal paving or our additional asphalt paving services, call (309) 361-5010. Our office is located at 507 S 6th St Wyoming, IL 61491.