Prevent Serious Asphalt Repairs With Hot Rubber Crack Filling In Northwestern Illinois

As your asphalt ages and undergoes heavy traffic and extreme temperatures, it will likely begin to crack. While asphalt pavement is meant to last a long time, cracks allow moisture, gas and oil to seep into your pavement, causing further deterioration. For such reasons, it’s important property owners don’t leave cracks unchecked and instead call Berchtold Asphalt for hot rubber crack filling in Northwestern Illinois.

From residential driveways to busy intersections, cracks in asphalt will only worsen and lead to issues like crumbling, potholes, and unraveling pavement. Before your asphalt reaches this point, count on Berchtold Asphalt for effective crack repair throughout the Quad Cities, Geneseo, Kewanee, Sterling, Princeton, and LaSalle-Peru. Call Berchtold Asphalt today to get ahead of asphalt repairs.

What Is Hot Rubber Crack Filling?

Also called crack filling or crack repair, hot rubber crack filling is vital to consistent asphalt maintenance and repair. Using specialized equipment, we heat a blend of asphalt and polymers and apply this rubberized liquid to cracks, filling and sealing them. The crack repair process entails:

  1. Cleaning Asphalt Surface – The area around cracks is toughly cleaned to ensure the adhesive binds with the asphalt.
  2. Material Prep – We begin heating the hot rubber asphalt mixture, ensuring it reaches approximately 400°F.
  3. Crack Filling – Once the mixture has heated, we apply it to cracks in your asphalt.
  4. Smoothing – We smooth over the mixture, helping it penetrate deeply into cracks and preventing any bumps in your asphalt surface.
  5. Curing – After the rubber mixture fully cools and hardens, it creates a flexible seal accommodating the asphalt’s expansion and contraction.

Residential Service

Ideally, homeowners with new driveways expect them to last anywhere between 20 to 30 years before needing replacement. However, that date will come significantly sooner if you neglect filling and repairing cracks as they appear. No matter the extent of cracking in your pavement, the Berchtold Asphalt team possesses the crew and equipment to provide quick and long-lasting repairs. Our team has helped residents from the Quad Cities to LaSalle-Peru with crack repair projects involving:

  • Driveway Renewal
  • Pathway Restoration
  • Private Road Repair
  • Patio Preservation
  • Basketball/Sports Court Maintenance

Commercial Service

As a business owner, you should be concerned about the safety and well-being of your employees, clients and customers. However, drivers and pedestrians are at risk if your commercial lots, roads, and driveways are cracked and crumbling. Not to mention, deteriorating asphalt doesn’t make for a “professional-looking” property. By enlisting Berchtold Asphalt for commercial crack repair, we can maintain your asphalt to keep it safe and looking great. We’ve helped maintain:

  • Parking Lot Restoration
  • School Grounds and Playground Refurbishment
  • Municipal Road Touch-Ups
  • Retail Space Frontage Improvement
  • Industrial Lot Repair

What Are Crack Filling’s Benefits?

Crack filling and sealing are necessary for most asphalt repairs and maintenance. Otherwise, without these additional services, crack repair alone is an effective method for maintaining the condition of your asphalt. Some of hot rubber crack filling’s best benefits include:

  • Extended Pavement Life – By filling cracks, moisture, chemicals and debris can’t penetrate your asphalt’s surface, slowing deterioration and extending pavement’s longevity.
  • Cost-Effectiveness – Crack filling is an affordable repair service that helps you avoid more expensive asphalt resurfacing or replacement.
  • Enhanced Safety – By maintaining an even surface, crack filling helps prevent accidents and vehicle damage caused by uneven pavement.
  • Prevention of Further Damage – Sealed cracks protect the base and sub-base of the asphalt from moisture damage, which can lead to more significant issues.

Trust Berchtold Asphalt For Quick And Reliable Crack Repair

When cracks appear on your pavement, it’s time to act fast! Contact the asphalt experts at Berchtold Asphalt for high-quality hot rubber crack filling for residential and commercial properties throughout the Quad Cities. Or, if you require additional asphalt services, including repair, maintenance, installation, resurfacing, and more, reach us directly by calling (309) 361-5010. Our main office is located at 507 S 6th St Wyoming, IL 61491.