Keep Your Pavement in Top Shape with Crack Sealing in LaSalle IL

As your pavement ages and undergoes use, you’re likely to see cracks after some time. While it’s perfectly normal for your asphalt to crack, it’s not something you want to leave unchecked. If you don’t address cracks in your pavement, it can lead to further issues like potholes or sub-base failure, allowing chemicals and moisture to seep into and break up your lot or roadway. When spotting cracks in pavement, it’s important to find contractors who can provide long-lasting repairs. Thankfully, Berchtold Asphalt has you covered with our crack sealing for LaSalle IL.

A damaged asphalt roadway requiring Crack Sealing in LaSalle IL

Why Do You Need Crack Sealing?

As mentioned, your pavement can deteriorate further if cracks aren’t correctly handled. However, it’s more than crumbling pavement you need to worry about if you don’t invest in crack repair for your asphalt. Some of the reasons commercial and residential clients need to take cracks in pavement seriously include:

  • Safety Concerns
  • Cost Savings
    • While Berchtold Asphalt offers our services at competitive yet affordable prices, we understand paving services can be a significant investment. For this reason, you must keep up with crack repairs! Crack sealing services are some of the most affordable you can perform for asphalt. By keeping up with consistent crack sealing, you avoid other expensive repairs due to pavement failure.
  • Pavement Lifespan
    • Ultimately, don’t expect it to last long if you neglect cracks in your pavement. As mentioned, cracks can form into potholes in as little as three years. For pavement surfaces meant to last anywhere between 20 and 30 years, deterioration after three years is significant! However, you don’t have to watch those potholes form if you can keep up with hot rubber crack filling.

How Else Can We Help?

Asphalt contractors performing Crack Sealing in LaSalle IL

In addition to crack sealing for LaSalle IL, Berchtold Asphalt can handle a variety of asphalt services. Our asphalt contracting company has the tools, crew, and experience to effectively manage any size asphalt project. From restoring your home’s driveway to patching potholes for a commercial lot, you can rely on Berchtold for high-quality asphalt services. Our additional services include:

Having been in business since 1977, we know a thing or two about asphalt. With asphalt inspections, maintenance, repair and installation, we can meet the needs of any residential or commercial client across Northwest Illinois.

Talk with the Berchtold Team

Don’t allow your pavement to fall into disrepair by leaving cracked asphalt unchecked. Ensure your pavement is always in the best condition possible with crack sealing in LaSalle IL from Berchtold Asphalt. To learn more about our services or request a quote, call us at 309-361-5010. Berchtold Asphalt’s main office is located at 507 S 6th St, Wyoming, IL 61491, serving clients from the Quad Cities to LaSalle-Peru.