Berchtold Asphalt offers services like Blacktop Sealcoating in LaSalle IL

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Cold Midwestern winters and extreme weather can take a toll on the roads and pavement in Illinois. From snow and water to the sun’s UV rays to leaky vehicles, your pavement can get damaged and need repairs in as little as five years from installation. That’s why sealcoating is such a beneficial service. Blacktop sealcoating in LaSalle IL will protect your pavement and prevent cracking, crumbling and general deterioration, helping your roads last longer. Berchtold Asphalt are the experts you can trust with your asphalt needs.

Keep Your Roads Protected

Sealcoating is also known as pavement sealing, and we recommend repeating this process every two to three years to keep it fully protected. With this process, we apply a protective coating your pavement to keep it protected. We start by inspecting your asphalt to determine its condition and ensure the surface is clean and without debris. If necessary, we’ll repair cracks, crumbles, and potholes. When it’s ready, we’ll apply a sealant and allow it to cure before we finalize your pavement and finish cleanup.

When complete, your pavement will have a moisture-tight seal, protecting it from water, oil, and gasoline that may cause deterioration. It will increase your pavement’s lifespan as it protects it from stress and deterioration. And perhaps best of all, it leads to greater cost savings by ensuring you avoid greater costs down the road due to the need of major asphalt repairs. Let Berchtold Asphalt keep your roads, driveways, or lots stay safe and performing their best. And we’re here when you need blacktop sealcoating in LaSalle IL.

Berchtold Asphalt offers services like Blacktop Sealcoating in LaSalle IL

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Since 1977, Berchtold Asphalt has been committed to delivering high-quality service and complete client satisfaction to clients throughout Northwestern Illinois. A family-owned and operated company, we offer asphalt paving, tar and chip paving, sealcoating, and hot rubber crack filling for homes and businesses from the Quad Cities to LaSalle-Peru. When you need asphalt repair, maintenance, or installation, we’re proud to say we’re the name people trust.

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