Berchtold Asphalt provides services like Blacktop Paving in LaSalle IL

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Heavy traffic, Midwestern weather, and regular use can be damaging to roadways. Yet it’s critical to the safety of those who use those roads that they are well maintained. Fortunately, that’s where Berchtold Asphalt can help. Berchtold Asphalt are the asphalt paving experts. We provide exceptional installation, maintenance, and repair services for both commercial and residential spaces across Northwestern Illinois. And if you’re in need of blacktop paving in LaSalle IL, we’re the company you can trust for those needs.

What We Offer

Blacktop paving is critical for ensuring your roadways or lots are safe and fully functional. If your roads have crumbling asphalt, it may be time to lay fresh pavement. Berchtold Asphalt are experts at removing the old asphalt and replacing it with fresh, liquid pavement. We start by removing the old pavement and preparing the area with proper grading, leveling, and sloping.

Before we begin to pave your new asphalt, we install a sub-base of crushed rock and recycled asphalt, which supports the new pavement. Then, we apply a layer of aggregate to the base to create a binder for the asphalt to adhere to. Finally, we apply asphalt to the base and binding, which is the last layer vehicles will drive over. It takes a few days to allow the asphalt to cure, but once that’s completely, we apply striping and paint to the pavement and then it’s ready for use once again. We also recommend you have us check your asphalt regularly to ensure it’s being maintained and adding a new layer of blacktop sealcoating every two to three years to keep it protected. For blacktop paving in LaSalle IL, make Berchtold Asphalt your go-to resource.

Berchtold Asphalt provides services like Blacktop Paving in LaSalle IL

About Berchtold Asphalt

Since 1977, Berchtold Asphalt has been committed to delivering high-quality service and complete customer satisfaction to clients throughout Northwestern Illinois. As a family-owned and operated company, we offer a range of asphalt services, including paving, tar and chip paving, sealcoating, and hot rubber crack filling, for both residential and commercial properties. We are proud to have earned a reputation as the name people trust for asphalt repair, maintenance, and installation in the Quad Cities to LaSalle-Peru area. Whether you need a new driveway, parking lot, or any other asphalt surface, Berchtold Asphalt is the company to call. We are committed to providing our customers with the best possible experience, from start to finish.

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If you need the best team for blacktop paving in LaSalle IL, call Berchtold Asphalt today. You can reach us at 309-361-5010 to learn more or to request a quote. Let us help you keep your roads and pavement safe and protected.